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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Trader Joe's Lite Kettle Corn

I was on one of those really long shopping trips to Trader Joes, where I picked up and examined the label of almost everything in the store. I have my favorites, but wanted to branch out. I decided to give this a try. Lite Kettle Corn. I was pleasantly surprised, a great snack at 2 points per bag. Just sweet enough, and portion controlled! Give it a try! It comes in a 6 pack

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  1. Hi ...I found your blog 'accidentally'. I see that we enjoy many of the same WW friendly foods.

    I also have been down the WW road MANY MANY times, but happy to say that this time I believed in myself...and believed that I would finally shed the weight. As of today, I am 1 lb. shy of my 75 lb goal.

    Another good WW food choice is the Jolly Time Popcorn..the kettle korn is my favorite!

    Keep up the good work...and believe in yourself...you CAN do it!