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Friday, January 29, 2010

Powered Peanut Butter

Ok, it's not like eating a huge spoonful of Skippy right off of the spoon, but it is a suitable substitute. It comes powered and you reconstitute it with water. 2 Tbsp peanut butter and 1 Tbsp of water is a good consistency for eating (1 pt).

I order mine directly from here, Bell Plantations


they also have a store locator so you can see where it is sold near you.

The packaging has changed, so mine doesn't look like the website, but it's the same thing.


  1. wow, you learn something new everyday! I seriously had no idea that they even made powdered peanutbutter.

  2. I do skippy reduced fat pb, but it is probably not a lot healthier than the real stuff. Honestly, how is this powdered option? I like pb for the protein.

  3. I use the reduced fat Skippy for my son, but for 2 Tbsp it has 180 cal, 12 g fat and 2 g fiber or 4 points for the same equivalent. The powered PB is not as creamy (but remember the creaminess in PB is FAT). It has a great peanut taste and protein. Even 2 Tbsp keeps me filled up. Give it a try!

  4. the reduced fat Skippy has loads of sugar. I didn't pay attention to that for awhile and wondered how I suddenly LOVED PB when I usually do not. It's because it has enough sugar to make it more like PB frosting. I used the store locator for PB2 and the health food store a mile from me is listed, so I hope to get some today!